Embossing roll


I. Introduction of embossing rolls

Embossing roller embossing process is suitable for plastics sheet (PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PT, PC, etc.), film, aluminum foil, metal, leather, hard board, wallpaper, floor tiles, glass, paper and other concave and convex pattern pressing, can increase the aesthetic feeling of products and decorative art effect, enhance the grade of products, and can strengthen product anti-counterfeiting, leather, wallpaper, floor tiles, glass, paper and so on. Protect trademarks and other effects.

Two. Making process of embossing roller

1. High quality seamless steel pipe (special material can be customized according to user's needs) is generally used for roll body material, which is made by boring and grinding the inner hole, making the thickness of tube wall uniform and then welding, stress relief treatment, turning, grinding and finishing.

2. Correction static balance and dynamic balance treatment; finished product roller coaxiality is less than 0.02mm;

3. According to the pattern, different processing techniques are adopted to achieve the product with clear pattern lines, exquisite patterns, rich layers and accurate size.

4, the final surface of hard chromium plating or other treatment, hardness can reach HRC58-62.

Three, custom instructions

Please provide the size (diameter, length) of custom rollers and other special requirements, and fax the design drawings to our company. If you do not have design drawings, please contact us, the engineer will provide you with professional solutions.